Simple Ways to Create a Rustic Living Room

Rustic style is not only a gorgeous wedding theme; it also gives a homey vibe to a living room design. It puts emphasis on rugged beauty and focuses on traditional centrepieces, refurbished furniture, or materials from nature. Hence it evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. 

Because rustic is arguably the cosiest style you could pick, it is perfect for your living room design. From the term “living room,” this is the part of your house where you and your loved ones live, unwind and relax. Ultimately, this is where you spend most of your ‘downtime’ and just breathe. 

When it comes to ruggedly beautiful living room design, a lot of people think that vintage pieces are the way to go. While this is true, it is also a great idea to strike a balance in your style by matching old and new furnishings, adorned with nature-inspired décors. 

Here are some helpful tips on how to embrace natural beauty and design a rustic living room to die for:

  1.   Invest in Handcrafted Centerpieces

Incorporating hand-crafted pieces from raw materials into your design will give your living room a totally unique look. If you have time, there are a lot of functional feature pieces that you can create yourself. Hand-stitched quilts and throw blankets or woven table lamps and candle holders will meld seamlessly into your rustic theme. Upcycled mason jar vases with charming flowers spruce up the room and add a touch of femininity rustic designs sometimes lack.

  1.   Refurbish Industrial Items

Recycling doesn’t only help preserve Mother Nature and reduce your carbon footprint, but it is also a great way to find items that will further emphasize your rustic living room design. 

One-of-a-kind furnishings, like repurposed wooden crates decorated with jars, books, and other trinkets add rugged flair to the room, and it is an interesting conversation starter. 

People often make the mistake of choosing too perfectly polished pieces, but with rusticism, a mix of different feature pieces and style that blend together is the aim. There are revamped items sold by designers or retailers that you can choose from, and you’ll be surprised to see how spectacular ordinary objects could look in a rustic room.

  1.   Choose Your Anchor Point Wisely

A rustic living room could look uncomfortably busy, if not designed well. It is tricky to choose your focal point, so you need to take time with this task because this can make or break the style you are aiming for. 

  1.   Offset with Modern Furnishings

Old-fashioned features and vintage items are part of what makes a style look rustic, but you can also mix in some modern pieces to give your design a chic touch. A contemporary leather couch or sofa is a furniture that never goes out of style, and it will create a sophisticated, well-rounded, look to your rustic living room.

  1.   Choose an Earth-colored Scheme

Because rustic design leans heavily towards nature-inspired pieces, it is best to go with an earth-colored palette. It depends upon your personal preferences, of course, but our tip is that a neutral color scheme helps complement and highlight your pieces.

Don’t avoid accent colors, though. A mostly brown scheme will pop even more with a pink floral touch. Deep rouge and mustard yellow also add a warm and cozy feel to the overall look.      

It doesn’t have to be a tough feat to create a rustic living room. Simply allow your taste and creativity to choose the pieces that you think will work for you, and make the look your own.

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