Party Streamers – Five Crafty Uses

You can use party streamers for more than just decorating for a party. With little effort and some creativity, party streamers can bloom into art with very little time, money and effort. Streamers are very easy to work with and almost any party store will sell them, making them accessible at all times. The best part is, is that you can get a lot for a little price. So instead on paying an arm and a leg for those expensive party crafts you and the kids can create your own in a matter of minutes.

Materials Needed:

  • streamers of your choice
  • paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • glue
  • thread and needle

Great Projects Using Party Streamers:

  1. Streamer Necklaces: To make a party necklace with streamers you will cut your streamer into three inch pieces. Glue the ends together and make a chain the length desired. Link last chain into first and you will have a streamer necklace.
  2. Streamer Windsock: There are many different windsock streamers you can make which include; USA windsock, St. Patrick’s windsock, Ghost windsock, flag windsock and many more. A wind sock is made by taking a regular paper of any color and gluing the short sides together. Then you will glue or tape your paper streamers to one end of the paper cylinder and to the other some string for your handle.
  3. Rainbow streamer plate: A Rainbow streamer of cores uses the colors in the rainbow and a paper plate. The plate is used in place of the white cloud and then the colorful streamers are attached to the plate by taper or glue.
  4. Flag streamers are made by cutting out a blue piece of paper and white stars. Glue the stars to the paper and then attach the red and white streamers to the paper. You can also use a straw to add to your paper to make the flag the shape of a real one.
  5. Lei’s: This one is a bit more complicated and may not work well with little children, maybe experiment with your child before the party to see if he/she is able to make the lei before the date of the party. Lei’s are made my measuring your string twice the length as your final lei will be because you will double up thread through your needle. Double layer some party streamer and sew a running stitch through one end of the layered streamer try to get close to the edge. As you sew push down into a circle as you go. Keep going until your streamer has come to the end of your string and tie both ends together.

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